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Japan's Number 1 Ramen Brand

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Ready in 5 min


Ichiran Cup

The experienced noodle craftsmen use a unique blend of rare flours to create a noodle that has excellent body and smoothness.


Thanks to this unique blend, the water used to boil the noodles are free of excessive starch, allowing you to enjoy the flavour of the better tonkotsu soup.

This is the tonkotsu (pork bone) soup that ICHIRAN's experts have spent years developing.


The broth made from our refined soup concentrate is both creamy and savoury. The broth fully captures the umami flavours of the natural tonkotsu soup served in ICHIRAN Restaurants Worldwide.

ICHIRAN's unique seasoning is made from a wide variety of togarashi red peppers, each carefully selected for its flavour and quality.


This seasoning blend was created after testing several different pepper blends for the perfect balance of spice and flavour that complements the ramen.

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