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Monta Foods

Monta is an end-to-end premium Japanese food distributor and creative marketing agency tailored to provide adequate supply chain services and empower retailers and food vendors to become brand leaders. Established in 2011, Monta specialises in importing high-quality Japanese food, supplying retail channels, and assisting food vendors on how to best market their brands to the right consumers. Thus, today Monta Foods’ range consists of the finest Japanese food brands available, including a large selection of dietary-specific and gluten-free products for today’s lifestyle.


We work with businesses across the globe to inspire them about the potential of branding and the Australian market.


We assist businesses in bringing their brand to life and help them manage it over the long term. Through years of business trading, we have developed a proven system and successful business practices that we are proud to be.


 Our Achievements: 

  • Monta Foods, as a Japanese food supplier, we have gained an excellent leading position in the Australian retail market.

  • Our reseller network and business reach cover the major seven city-states.

  • We are empowering over 300 premium and prestige retail partners across Australia.

  • We have established an excellent relationship with many well-known Japanese companies and brands.

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