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Sparkling Sake


Award-Winning Japanese Sparkling Sake bottle from Ninki-Ichi

Japan's Award-Winning Sake Brewery

Our Hand-Picked Sparkling Sake

Japanese award-winning sparkling sake collection in Australia

These sparkling sake are aromatic and crisp. Pleasantly dry and slightly sweet. Well-balanced with a fresh finish.


Rich in flavours of rice and pleasantly sweet. Aromatic with a firm structure. These high-quality sparkling sake selections are popular among sake lovers.

Award Winning

Ninki-Ichi is the award-winning Japanese sparkling sake and it is famous for only making its sake by hand. The traditional methods and tools with wooden fermentation tanks from a 100-year-old cedar trees.

Ninki Shuzo produces only premium ginjo sake, and all of it is made by hand, without shortcuts. The rice is milled to 60% or below, and brewed slowly at low temperatures in the traditional ginjo style. It allows the sake to develop an amazing aroma.

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